How Pro-America Superheroes Like Batman and Captain America Are Portrayed in the Movies

Not all superheroes fight for the American way: The X-Men, for one, know that they’re despised by all of humanity. But there are a couple of caped crimefighters who are willing to lay down their lives for their country, or at least their city, to repay some sort of debt. So let’s compare four pro-American superheroes — Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and Captain America — against American standards of self-sufficiency, loyalty, and relationships. I’ve tried my best not to include any canon from the comic books and go solely by the movies, so any generalizations or theories are supported by the visions of Christopher Nolan, Marc Webb, Sam Raimi, and others.

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    • sheherbano

      i love that you did this. thank you.

      • Natalie Zutter

        Thank you! That means a lot since this took me over an hour to compile all the info… but it was definitely fun. Makes me want to go read the comics now.