Are You a Seacrest or a Dunkelman? ‘The 90s Are All That’ Edition

This Monday at midnight Nickelodeon is starting to play some of your 90′s favorites again. While you might be looking forward to seeing Salute Your Shorts again, what about the kids who were on the show, and never did much acting again? Will they be able to look at their past fondly, or be utterly depressed at what might have been? Either way here are some kid stars who grew into their careers and have a ton of name recognition like American Idol judge Ryan Seacrest, and some associated with the shows no one heard from again, like Idol first season judge Brian Dunkleman?

Also, check out the awesome collection of 90s Nick below in The XYZ Affair video All My Friends.

Jason Zimbler (Ferguson from Clarissa Explains it All), Danny Cooksey (Budnik from Salute Your Shorts), Marc Summers (host of Double Dare) and Mike Maronna (Big Pete from Pete and Pete)

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    • Tink

      Neither Ryan Seacrest or Brian Dunkleman have ever been judges on American Idol. Hosts, darling. Hosts.