Hot Shot: Alexander Skarsgard Is a Scholar

Alexander Skarsgard received an honorary degree from Leeds Metropolitan University today, and he officially looks the best anyone has ever looked in a cap and gown. I have a new fantasy, now. Want to hear it?

It’s a mild early autumn day, and I’m walking across campus to meet my boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard at the library. I spot him right away because he always stands out no matter where he is; he’s so handsome, my boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard. I walk over and I see he’s reading Proust — what a smarty! He hands me the cup of coffee he bought me because he’s just so sweet like that. We read side by side for half an hour and then he beckons me behind the book stacks where we have hot, bitey sex for the rest of the afternoon.

My boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard is the best.

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    • Jessica B

      Is there a grade higher than an A?