Now You Can Decorate Your Apartment with Firefly’s Shiny Ladies

These posters are so cool — it’s a great thing when fans can match the original show’s look and tone to a T. The “Firefly Les Femmes” poster set by designer Megan Lara showcase Serenity‘s female crew members and stowaways in all their sexy, sweet, and deadly allure. The Saffron poster is the only one that you can’t order online; it’s being sold exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. That’s a damn shame, because it’s my absolute favorite from the set. Still, it’s a good deal to have the other ladies gracing your walls for a mere $30 each. (Inara wants you to know that she feels no shame selling herself as a wall hanging, despite what Mal would say otherwise.)

[via The Mary Sue]

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    • Jenn L.

      These are beautiful posters, but it should be noted that they are entirely derivative of artwork by Alphonse Mucha – a Czech art nouveau painter and decorative artist. I’m a little obsessed with his work and have a tattoo inspired by a series called the Muses.