Lionsgate Unveils the First Motion Poster for ‘The Hunger Games’

“Motion poster” sounds like one of those lenticular pictures you got in specially marked cereal boxes, where the image changes depending which side you’re viewing it from. But this digital poster for The Hunger Games seems to be a really cool .gif. And by “cool,” I mean “blazing with the fires of rebellion.”

It’s a very cool image, since it marries Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence) iconic mockingjay pin with the notion of her as “The Girl Who Was on Fire,” which is how Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) presents her in the pre-Arena public presentations — half the battle of winning the Games, really.

If you head over to the official movie site, you can embed the poster for yourself, as well as a countdown widget. For what it’s worth, we’re a little over 248 days away from the big day on March 23, 2012. By then it’ll have been eight months since Deathly Hallows, Part 2 and we’ll be clamoring for a new, dystopian young-adult adventure.

[via Down With the Capitol]

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