5 Facts About the ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 4 Trailer

Although we heard plenty of gossip about Jersey Shore‘s Italy season, the official trailer is now out. Some of the stuff we already knew about (Ronnie and Sitch’s fight, Snooki’s car accident) and some we didn’t (wait, who hooked up?!). Here’s the most important stuff you need to know:

There are two new hookups this season.

And those hookups are Snooki/The Situation and Vinny/Deena. Wow, I hope Snooks got over her thing for Vinny because he has now officially slept with two of her best friends. What are the odds that Vinny calls Deena a slut but no one judges him at all? I’d say high.

Sammi is not being completely heinous.

She seems to be getting along with the other girls in the house, which is weird. Either she watched last season and realized how terrible a friend she was, or something happened with her and Ron-Ron Juice.

Snooki does not know what a bidet is.

Maybe she’ll get drunk and sit in it, just like the minifridge last season! Unsurprisingly, no one – except maybe Vinny – speaks any Italian when they arrive there, but they learn enough basic phrases to be able to hook up with people.

Ronnie and Sitch’s fight is about house/love life drama.

It looks like Snooks gets upset with The Situation because of something related to their hookup, and Ronnie says he and Mike have been having drama for awhile. Cut to Mike being taken out of the house on a stretcher and all the girls – even Sammi! – crying.

JWoww and Snooki have a fight.

Although, it doesn’t seem like a full on argument – Snooks is drunk and crying, and JWoww seems to be trying to knock some sense into her. JWoww says something about how Snooki asked for a reality check, and now she’s getting one. My guess? Snooks is upset about some loser dude – the Sitch, maybe, or Jionni – and JWoww is telling her it’s not worth it.

Oh, and one additonal fact: my favorite character, the duck phone, sadly did not make it to Florence. We miss you, duck phone!

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    • Trey

      nowhere in that trailer does it say anything about Vinny and Deena hooking up…that’s Pauly she’s making out with in the club.

      I would’ve chocked it up to a typo, but the rest of the paragraph proves it was not.

    • Missskitttin

      Exactly what I say. Even their very own “fellow” italians thought they were low class. “the Italian press has resorted to referring to the cast as the “tamarri,” which the Italian dictionary defines as a “provincial youth…vulgar.” And provincial!!!1 This is priceless.