What If Dan Savage Was the Third Savage Brother?

Episode 6 “Love the One You’re With, Or Else”

Braun doesn’t like to make commitments but when he meets cross-dressing dominatrix Brangela,

he knows he wants to be a one-woman submissive, so he asks Kcameran and Terri how to win her heart. Kcameron suggests having an open, loving relationship like his, full of romantic dinners, lavish anniversary gifts, and the freedom to put a hat on the door when one of them invites someone home. Braun knows he can’t handle that kind of openness with his fear of abandonment, so he offers Brangela the opportunity to chain him in her dungeon so she’ll know he’ll always be there for her. Brangela accepts, and agrees to make keys for Kcameron and Terri and help enroll Braun in an online university.




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