What If Dan Savage Was the Third Savage Brother?

Episode 1 “Three’s a Crowd”

Kcameron and his long time boyfriend Terri are hanging out at their favorite bugger joint when Kcameron notices Terri eying another boy. Distraught, he turns to his best buddy and notorious ladies man Braun for advice. Braun suggests he break things off with Terri and play the field like him. Kcameron doesn’t like this idea, so he turns to his brother Derek. Derek suggests Kcameron tail Terri to see if he’s cheating. After following Terri back to the burger joint Kcameron sees Terri lean in to kiss another man, and Kcameron runs from his hiding place and punches the stranger in the mouth. Terri, furious, explains he was helping him get ready for a date and was just leaning in to check his breath. Embarrassed Kcameron agrees to trust Terri and never get jealous again. As the credits roll, Kcameron, Terri, and the new guy who luckily did not have bad breath have a threesome.







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