Three-Quarters of the “Motherlover” Cast Reunite for ‘Friends with Benefits’

Friends with Benefits boasts an impressive cast, many of whom have worked together before. In fact, three of the members starred in one of Saturday Night Live‘s greatest Digital Shorts of the last few years: “Motherlover,” the 2009 ode to porking your best friend’s mom in lieu of a proper Mother’s Day gift. You may not have noticed the alignment of these stars since Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg aren’t sporting fake beards and jauntily-perched sunglasses, but Patricia Clarkson seems to be channeling her naughty mom in playing Mila Kunis‘ kinky madre with her “bad little pony” lover Aubrey. It seems like just yesterday that JT was pimping her out to his buddy Andy.

So where’s Susan Sarandon?

There’s nothing to suggest that the producers approached Sarandon about a FWB cameo, which is a shame because her wry humor would be an excellent counterpoint to Clarkson’s outrageous role. Similar to the freewheeling mom she played in Easy A, she tells Timberlake’s character Dylan to “slam away” on Jamie (Kunis).

Sarandon shouldn’t feel too left out, though, because it’s not like everyone’s having fun without her. Since Andy Samberg plays the guy who breaks up with Kunis at the beginning of the movie — the male version of Timberlake’s ex Emma Stone — the two men probably won’t cross paths. Unless they do a reprise of their sequel, “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” with Kunis subbing in for Lady Gaga!

Friends with Benefits comes out Friday.

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