Rebecca Black Leaks Her “My Moment” Music Video Early, But It’s Not Amazing

Even though it was supposed to debut tonight at 8 p.m. EST, the official video for Rebecca Black‘s new single “My Moment” has already hit YouTube — and it looks like Rebecca herself is the one who uploaded it, as she tweeted to her followers to check it out on her new channel. Sadly, it just doesn’t live up to “Friday.”

I knew even before clicking that I wasn’t going to be won over by this single. How could any of us, after the accidental fame of “Friday”? Everything that made that video a hit has been scrubbed away: Her voice has been entirely smoothed out; the lyrics actually make sense; the message is now directed at haters instead of just being about the joy of the weekend.

Oh, and the jean jacket from the single cover is omnipresent, which is what makes me think this isn’t a fake or a stunt. You would’ve thought she would’ve upped the outfits for her first really professional video, but she was more dolled up for her Good Morning America interview. For all of her imperfections — not least of all agreeing to make the “Friday” vanity video — Rebecca Black as we met her seemed real; at this point, The Man’s gotten a hold of her and has made her generic.

The one amazing part is when Rebecca plays the invisible drums around 1:20. There’s the personality we’re missing!

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    • Lucia Peters

      Either someone went overboard with the Autotune, or Rebecca Black is a robot. I’m honestly not sure which.

      • Faith

        I was about to comment on the Autotune, but you said it best.

    • Peter Armstrong
    • Loveyourebecca

      For fucks sake she’s a 14 YO! And the song is awesome. She’s is working with better people now, and her voice is perfect for production.

    • Faith

      Two words: Winnie. Cooper.

    • Amanda Ernst

      “the lyrics actually make sense” — but that was what was so great about Friday! Rebecca could have made a career of being ridiculous. But this video makes it seem like she wants to be “taken seriously” and an “artist.” She’s not talented enough for that…but then again she’s only 14.

    • celondelon

      To me an artist regardless of age can sing live without auto tune, Usher, Michael Jackson, Christina were doing this before the age of ten they were greatly talented and did so without auto tune, Rebecca can’t sing live and she’s fourteen. So for those arguing she’s only fourteen you should take that argument to her parents who clearly thought she was mature enough to enter into the adult world of the music industry and the criticism that comes with that.