Video: Meet the Harry Potter Fans Who Camped Out to Attend the NYC Premiere

On potentially the hottest and stickiest day of the year, thousands of people from places as far as Japan gathered at the Lincoln Center for the Harry Potter Part 7.2 red carpet premiere. There was chanting, screaming fans, and more broomsticks and drawn-on scars than you could shake a wand at. I was in the midst of this insanity and was able to speak to some of the fanatics about their experience there.

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

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    • mugglelover

      Hey great video. you make me wish i camped out! Brilliant fans, looks like they came prepared

    • Muggle Born

      Wow! Wish I were there! Looks like fun! Great representation of all the fans! Too bad the actors couldn’t cross the street!