Am I Right Ladies? Forget the Glass Ceiling, Have a Glass of Milk!

It comes from us and it keeps us from becoming “not us.” That’s right, ladies, when it comes to Premenstrual Syndrome, milk does a body of good for the men in our lives who have to put up with it. Girls, girls, girls – we’re so crazy sometimes we don’t even realize the struggles of those around us. Forget the sharp cramps that feel like a tiny demon is inside of you poking your insides with an ice pick or the pervasive, inexplicably sudden feeling of hopeless, PMS affects men tenfold more than it does us. If it didn’t, then why would Got Milk? sponsor a rally in Los Angeles for PMS awareness? They’re on our side, ladies, they just need our empathy. Don’t believe me? Well check out this quote from their press release:

“Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS is a REAL condition that affects millions of men every month. PMS places undue strain on personal and professional relationships and for several days in each cycle, men are inexplicably unable to do anything right.”

Who needs an equal rights amendment, when massive organizations like Got Milk? are raising awareness for us?! Who needs to demand equal pay, when the male perspective is evolving all on its own?! Maybe, we DO need to stop asking for things. Except for milk – I’ll take two please!

Come, take a virtual tour with me through the official website of this groundbreaking campaign: A non-profit, too? Even my ovaries are swooning!!!

Now all I need is a boyfriend, amirightladies?

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