Snap This: The ‘Deathly Hallows’ Triscuit

Earlier this week, our erstwhile Intern Victoria snapped a picture of Harry Potter star and Hottie McHotterson Matt Lewis getting mobbed by admiring fans in Toronto. But Victoria’s dedication to the art of all things Potter didn’t stop there: she made her very own custom Deathly Hallows Triscuit snack last night! It looks too awesome to eat, but at least I have an idea about what to serve when I finally go on a date with that guy who played Oliver Wood.

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    • Rachel

      Two of my favorite things – triscuits and Harry Potter! So creative!.

    • Amy

      I think Victoria needs to see a counsellor

    • Carlington

      I think Victoria is clearly the coolest person ever, incredibly creative, and must see beauty in everyday objects like triscuits and cream cheese. Don’t be a hater!