Video: Diesel’s Captain America Cologne Smells Like Metrosexual Businessmen

Diesel sent us a bottle of their new cologne, inspired by the most patriotic of superheroes, Captain America. Cap has become pretty recognizable around NYC, what with the posters of Chris Evans solemnly posing with a stars-and-stripes shield plastered all over. So interns Paige and Stephanie took to Madison Square Park to ask unsuspecting bystanders what they thought the cologne actually smelled like, without actually showing them the bottle — which, awesomely, is Cap’s fist clenched against Nazis and B.O.

Props to the guy who pulled every random movie out of thin air for the question of “What summer movie does this smell like?” He wasn’t so far off with Schindler’s List, actually.

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters next Friday, July 22.

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    • Gator Girl

      Smells like I want to try this on a cute guy!
      Cute video!