Snap This: ‘Harry Potter’ Hottie Matt Lewis Gets Mobbed in Toronto

Apparently we at Crushable HQ aren’t the only ones who noticed that Matt Lewis (who plays underdog Neville Longbottom) suddenly got hot. Victoria in our Toronto office snapped this picture of Matt getting mobbed by adoring female fans while on a Canadian promotional appearance. Stand back, ladies, we saw him first!

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    • Shannon

      WOW! And I thought the weather was hot!

    • Amy

      That’s pretty crazy. I’d expect that kind of female response if it were Daniel or Rupert, but I guess us gals have a thing for the underdog!

    • Shen

      Wow that’s a great pic.. nice eyes for ML

    • EcoChick

      WOW!! Daniel’s got some competition. SO glad you covered this!

    • Roberta Smith

      Great Potter Pic’…thanks Victoria from Toronto office!

    • Jordon

      When’s Emma Watson coming to Canada?

    • Jenna

      Is he still in Toronto?