‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Shades of Veronica Mars

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, cleverly titled “The Devil You Know,” focused a lot on A. After this episode, there are many more questions than answers, and some people emerged as a bit shady and mysterious. Aria seems to have a slightly wandering eye, her brother is into some bad stuff (not drugs though, as I suspected) and Spencer’s mom FINALLY realizes what a total awful parent she’s been all this time. It was an intense episode. I really enjoyed the way the last scene played out (and how creepy it was!) and it was another episode that was beautifully shot with a scene reminiscent of the opening credits. And one of my favorite couples reunited!

The episode starts with the girls analyzing Ian’s “suicide note.” Garrett tells the girls that Ian had been dead for a week! Say what?? A texts Emily asking if the suicide note looks familiar. This later leads to a Veronica Mars-esque investigation to figure out the meaning of A’s text. Yeah, I went there. I compared Pretty Little Liars to Veronica Mars. I think they share a lot of similarities with their dark undertones. But I digress.

At the Hastings home, things are obviously very stressful. Ian’s only relative doesn’t want to give him a funeral. Spencer comes to Melissa’s defense, saying that Ian should get a funeral and Melissa needs this. I would like to point out that Melissa does not deserve Spencer’s sympathy in any way. At the Marin household, Caleb comes by to check on Han. Ashley comes home and freaks out because she couldn’t reach Hanna and she still gets worried because of Ali’s death. Aw, emotional moment!

Meanwhile, Aria talks to Ezra about the Ian situation. Jackie eavesdrops and interrupts and calls Ezra “Z.” Awkward moment alert! They discuss when to make their relationship public and decide to start as “friends” to everyone else. Back in mystery solving world, Emily shows up to pick up a package and the guy that works there was the same guy (Logan Reed) who took part in the sting with Ian and Garrett and the money. Crazy!

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