Parenting Lessons from ‘Teen Mom’: Your Toddler Is Not a Kitten


Farrah opens up by – as she does – complaining about things that are her fault. She complains that “in addition to all her living expenses” she now has a big doctor’s bill to pay, so she’s looking for a higher-paying job. If it hadn’t been a completely elective procedure with no medical need, I would feel for her. Farrah also annoys me when she talks about “eating good” and “doing good.” You know what’s good? Grammar. Because it makes you speak well.

Debra drives Farrah to her last followup appointment. This is his charming sign:

Sophia comes along to the appointment, and she is freaking adorable. Sometimes I watch this show and think things like “Wouldn’t it be cute if Sophia and Bentley grew up and got married someday?” and then I realize that I’m shipping babies from a reality show and that I need to get a life. Right after one of Farrah’s segments, there’s an ADHD commercial with Adam Levine. Coincidence?

Farrah is pottytraining Sophia and also trying to finish her culinary program. I never thought Farrah would be the first of these four to finish a higher education degree, but good for her. The phone rings and it’s a woman offering Farrah a gig modeling at a hair convention, or something. It’s in Denver and they would fly her out. So glad Farrah got those new boobs so that she could be … a hair model. She does have nice hair, though. I’m glad that she hasn’t gone all Maci and dyed it weird colors. Farrah arrives in Denver for her hair modeling gig, and says it’s the first time she has ever traveled. Wow. Ever? I guess she is pretty young, but not even a field trip or anything? The woman doing Farrah’s hair asks her some MTV-approved questions about why she likes modeling, and Farrah says it gives her new experiences and helps her grow as a person. On the flight home, Farrah voiceovers that modeling pays really well but she misses Sophia when she’s away.

Cut to Farrah coming home and putting Sophia in a baby-sized Colorado Rockies jacket. Farrah tells Debra that the modeling was hard because she had wear clear heels and smile all day when she didn’t want to. I know Farrah’s not dissing Lucite!

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    • Anna

      Phew! I thought I was the only one who noticed that Tyler’s mom doesn’t seem to like Catelynn. In the episode, she said that she would be on Tyler’s back if he didn’t finish high school, but didn’t seem concerned about Catelynn. Then she gave her some half-baked apology about not trying to gang up on her. Yeah, right. I wish they would follow up on this, because it’s not the first time that she’s behaved coldly towards her.