I Tried It Tuesday: I Went on a Blind Date And It Was Livestreamed

So last night, as some of you may know, I braved the dating jungle and went out on a blind date. The catch? It was live streamed to the internet via howaboutwe.com. I know what you’re probably thinking: “this girl is crazy,” “they’re just trying to get attention,” etc. Well first off, we were NOT paid (although our food was comped) and we are NOT actors, so that clears up that. And I had already gotten the lecture from my mother (lectures I’ll be getting until I’m 45, because that’s what good mothers do) of “Stephanie, this is going on the internet, who will see it? You can’t remove anything, what will people say!?” It was similar to the reaction she had to what I thought was a funny story about getting asked out on the 6 train a few weeks ago: “Stephanie, you conversed with a stranger on the subway?!”

I’m only here in New York for the summer as an intern, and already I’ve been breaking out of my shell. Now, I’d love to think of myself as the spontaneous, up-for-anything kind of girl, but I’m really not. I’ll over think decisions I’ve already made, this one was no exception, and I feel the need to know what I’m going to be doing. Just ask my roommate, who I was continuously asking, “was this a mistake? Am I going to embarrass myself?” But you know what? I’m glad I did it. It’s the first time that I actually did something out of the ordinary and really put myself out there. A lot of fun things happen in the Crushable office (like our Video Intern Paige creating her “Manhattan Bucket List“). So when my boss asked me if I would be interested in doing their trial run for this new HowAboutWe feature, I thought, “you know what, it’s about time I did something fun!” I haven’t had the opportunity to go on many dates. Let’s face it, in college, people don’t go out on dates (unless you consider drunkenly stumbling back to a room from the frat party to hook up a date, of which I’m not a fan) so this was one of my first “first dates” in awhile AND my first blind date. Aren’t you glad you had the chance to watch me revel in all my awkward glory?

The date with James started off feeling very unnatural (no surprise there) but slowly gained some momentum. The first fifteen minutes consisted of the usual, “so what do you do”, “where are you from,” “what did you study,” and then we finally decided on drinks and food. The conversation was nice, though it felt a bit forced at first (but hey, when doesn’t it feel forced on a first date?). We bonded over our love of ’90s music and traveling through England, and even our adventures to gay bars – there are always good stories that come from those adventures.

I’d say after about twenty minutes passed, I forgot the camera was even there, and I tried my hardest never to look at it or even interact with it. I wasn’t as comfortable speaking to the audience as my date was. We couldn’t see the stream ourselves, thank god, nor could we see what people were commenting on, though about an hour in, I did get a friendly text from my boss telling me, “the public wants you to finish your wine.” I guess I wasn’t sloppy enough for their enjoyment? Well never fear, because the masterminds behind the camera sent over tequila shots for us during the meal, this right after I told the story of how I couldn’t do shots – thanks Chiara!

One of the best parts, though, was what a great sport the waiter was (and not to mention really good looking with an accent…like “twin of Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean” good looking). Yeah. But I wasn’t on the date with him. James, was a really sweet guy, and definitely made me feel comfortable as the night went on. By the time 45 minutes had passed, we were onto conversations about our shared interests (like our love of a good trashy novel or the Backstreet Boys vs. ‘N SYNC debate) and found that we had a good amount to talk about. Oh, and the food was amazing. I highly recommend this place (it’s called Madam Geneva and is in New York’s NoHo neighborhood), even if it’s just going for the starters and a great cocktail, they’re large enough and you can fill up on the delicious bread! I’d say this is a good place to go for a first date, especially if you are in the main room with a bit more noise and people.

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    • Courtney

      Ahhhh!! Love it!! Can’t wait to see more articles from you / hear where this date went. Also!!! I want to hear your tips on meeting man friends on the 6 train!!

    • sandy

      Hope it was as fun at it seemed. Check this video out… you may find this video interesting. http://youtu.be/NBFlc-RP9M0

      • Stephanie Libous

        Thanks Sandy, that was hilarious!