I Have a New Favorite Cat, and It’s Not Even Real — Meet Nyanpire

You guys, I know that yesterday Liana introduced you to the adorable kitten who darts around two apples like it’s Source Code and she’s Jake Gyllenhaal defusing the bomb — but I have another precious cat for you. The only problem is, you can never meet her in real-life because a) he’s animated, and b) she’s a vampire. Her name is Nyanpire.

That’s the trailer for her TV show. (Her TV show!) I can’t read Japanese, but I’m assuming that Nyanpire is just trying to go along with her bloodsucking life, while being stalked by some sort of white samurai cat missing an eye — from a prior showdown, I’d bet. There’s also an angel cat, and a tiny little Siamese who might be Nyanpire’s buddy. And maybe I just don’t watch enough anime, but the swords and flowers reminded me a lot of Sailor Moon.

I’m gonna answer the burning question now — this is not the same thing as Nyan Cat. It turns out that “nyan” is just the sound that all cats make, so someone is just making a clever pun. Here’s the first episode, which is fairly short since it’s bookended by an explanation of how Nyanpire came to be — but of course a vampire fed her his blood! — and a music video with a woman dressed up as Nyanpire.

It doesn’t make much sense, but Nyanpire is just too adorable to close the window. This must be how Edward and Bella feel when Renesmee gets all freaky and vampire-hybrid.

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