• Tue, Jul 12 2011

Watch the ‘Harry Potter’ Cast Age 10 Years in 5 Seconds

Guys, our Harry Potter kids are all grown up! They’re adults with facial hair and drinking problems now! But we still remember when they were the cute, innocent children who captured our hearts (with magic and loose teeth). We created morphs of five HP actors, aging them from the time of the first flick to the present. Check them out:

Daniel Radcliffe:

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  • Amanda Ernst

    Matt Lewis’ teeth didn’t get any better.

    • me

      yeah youre right, but he’s hotter now. :)

  • Noone

    Bonnie Wright:
    From Cutie to Beauty…

  • angela

    It would be better if the picture of young Daniel didn’t have glasses.

  • Nikki

    When he was a little boy, he was a short boy. Now he grown up, but he stayed a short man.