Harry Potter’s Matt Lewis… Revealed!

Matt Lewis captured our hearts as the delightfully goofy-looking Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series, and now he’s capturing our loins as the studly adult he’s grown up and become. (“Captured our loins?” Eat your heart out, Nabakov!) So what’s the deal with this British lad? Here are five things to know about the 22-year old actor:

1. Matt began acting at the age of five. He started off with small TV roles in things like the series Some Kind of Life. He’s also done stage work; this year he toured with a production of Agatha Christie‘s Verdict.

2. Matt has actually been better looking than the Neville we see the whole time! To play the character, he wears false teeth, modified ear prosthetics and shoes that are two sizes too big. Goofball.

3. Matt is super into rugby, like a proper British chap. His team is the Leeds Rhinos, which makes sense as that’s where he’s from.

4. Here’s the cutest thing of all time: After Matt read the first Harry Potter book and long before he landed the part of Neville, he used to dress up as Harry and run around pretending to do magic. And then he totally got to go to Hogwarts for real!

5. His American accent is terrible! See for yourself:

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