Check Out the First Promo for Nickelodeon’s “The ’90s Are All That”!

It’s already mid-July. Cons: Summer is half over. Pros: Nickelodeon’s “The ’90s Are All That” block premieres in less than two weeks! Here’s the first preview, which crams all of the characters and catchphrases that we loved into one thirty-second promo. Orange soda! Quailman! That kid who played H. Ross Perot with the big ears! Olmec! Lori Beth Denberg! Stick Stickly, you guys!

It all starts Monday the 25th, at midnight on TeenNick. I am probably gonna stay up for this instead of just setting my DVR and watching it the next night. It’ll be a weird reversal from when I stayed up past my bedtime watching Nick at Nite’s Block Party Summer of Monkees and I Love Lucy repeats.

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    • Jennifer

      OMG I LOVED Block Party Summer- I wished they’d bring that back!