Space Relations: 8 Annoying Types of Craigslist Roommate Ads

A while back, I wrote a column about how to find a roommate on Craigslist who isn’t insane. And while the primary focus of this column is on roommate relationships, this week I wanted to take a moment to highlight something else about Craigslist – the incredibly frustrating “rooms/shared” and “sublets/temporary” sections. Living with strangers (or friends) can be hard enough, but actually finding a place to live via Craigslist can be downright infuriating. (If you’ve had to do this, you know what I mean.)

Everyone from renters to brokers to building owners and landlords posts ads in these sections, and if you’re in a major city most of those ads sound completely crazy. Although that’s no big surprise to anyone who’s waded through the endless stream of posts on those pages, this week I wanted to showcase some examples of the many ways that Craigslisters are doing it wrong. Because the last thing that people want to see when they’re desperately trying to find a place to live is an ad written by a possible homicidal maniac, or even just an average jerk.

So here they are – my picks for 9 Annoying Types of Craigslist Roommate Ads:

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