17 Webcomics For the Discerning Geek

Webcomics are awesome. They have the artistic form of the graphic novel, but forgo the need to dig up past issues or buy giant books that combine said issues, because the whole archive of the series is usually available,  so you can catch up to the current story within a week (or a long, sleepless night, if you’re like me). Plus, the artist can still make money with ads, merchandising, and self-published books, which can include additional footage for bigger fans–and since the archives are available, that means new fans appear every day.

The only problem with webcomics is that there are so, so many of them, which makes it hard to figure out what you would like. It’s a little absurd, but it’s characteristic of the internet. However, I’ve set up a handy guide that gives you, dear Crushable reader, some suggestions based on previous favorites in terms of shows, movies, books, and blogs. Note that most of these comics are ones I personally read, or have read, so it’s only a small sample of what else is out there. Obviously, there’s a ton more comics I know of but don’t read, or couldn’t fit into this article.

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    • Ryan gtg

      Thanks! There’s a lot of variety in this list, plus a bunch of stuff I hadn’t heard of that looks interesting.

      (Uh, the “true magic” link is wrong, and the scarygoround.com one is borken.)

    • Jess

      Any suggestions for if you like Harry Potter?

    • Jeremy Mattocks

      Great list! There were a bunch I hadn’t heard of before. Thanks!

    • Lindsay

      Okay, I don’t know who you are (I just stumbled on this) but the fact that you also worship her supreme holiness Rosalind Franklin means I will love you forever.

    • Andrew-David

      What about Aikonia? D:

    • Sivan

      xkcd is awesome!!!

      I’m also partial to my own comic. (Who doesn’t love shameless self-promotion?!)