The eHarmony Cat Lover Sings with Nyan Cat in “Can’t Hug Every Cat”

It’s Friday. Maybe you were gonna crank Rebecca Black to get you closer to the weekend. And while we at Crushable advocate weekly (daily) “Friday” dance parties, there’s always room in our repertoire for an equally absurd song. Remember Debbie, the very emotional woman whose video ad for eHarmony devolved into blubbering praise of felines? I’m still convinced it’s fake, but when The Gregory Brothers autotuned and backed it up with a cat band, its brilliance is tripled. It just makes me so  –

[sniff] I’m sorry, I’m thinking about cats again.

My only quibble is that Nyan Cat only flits by; it would’ve been awesome if The Gregory Brothers had been able to sample the “Nyan” song in the background of Debbie’s babbling.

Happy Friday!

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