Am I Right Ladies? The No-Nonsense Womyn of Cable

Who says we don’t have good female role models on cable television? Sure, there’s plenty of ladies slumming it on trashy reality shows, but there are also plenty of sexy, type-A ladies who know their way around a fierce button-up blouse. These womyn can shoot guns, catch bad guys, win court cases and save lives as good as any man – and they do it in pumps! If that isn’t female empowerment, I don’t know what is. Seriously, I don’t know anymore. It may be a man’s world, but the boys be droolin’ while the girls be rulin,’ amirightladies?

See ladies, womyn can anchor a television show and people will actually watch. You know, as long as there’s a softer side to her hard edge- there is such a thing as too tough, and it’s super unattractive to men. Oh also, she can’t have too many ladyfriends. Beggars can’t be choosers, amirightladies? For now, I beg for you to choose to look at the tough broads of cable with me.

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