The Potter Games: And Now a Special Message from Lord Voldemort

In case there was any question, it seems that Voldemort is behind the Potter Games, which so far has reaped 12 tributes from Hogwarts’ four houses. The latest video may seem a bit cheesy, as it’s a poem conjured in Voldemort’s weird snake head and probably dictated to Wormtail — but his words coupled with the music make for a pretty eerie message. There’s a nod to President Snow; one can only guess that Voldemort was inspired by an equally twisted ruler.

Prepare for death’s eternal afterglow / Oblivion for all, except one foe / That one, to watch as friends perish for show / Twelve boys, twelve girls, in murd’rous do-si-do

Paige just reminded me of only the greatest in Harry Potter memes, “Potter Puppet Pals,” and the fact that Voldemort is really silly at the end. So, the video is reminiscent of singing-puppet Voldy.

July 11th…!

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