Fan Service: I’m Convinced There Are New York Potterphiles Sporting Glasses and Lightning Bolt Scars

A few weekends ago, my sister, boyfriend, and I were in Williamsburg checking out a clothing store. When we went to ring up (I got a cute black skirt, btw), I noticed the employee’s distinctive Coke bottle glasses, which definitely reminded me of a certain boy wizard. And when he moved his head, I could’ve sworn I saw the distinctive lightning bolt scar on the right side of his forehead.

This post is part Conspiracy Theory, because I’m convinced that this employee is not the only New Yorker who walks around looking like Harry Potter. It’s totally possible that a bunch of hipsters thought it would be cool to match up the glasses they already wear with the iconic but ultimately subtle tattoo.

The boyfriend and sister don’t believe me; she says that those glasses are a fashion statement for reasons having nothing to do with Harry Potter, and that I must’ve imagined I saw the scar. To them I say, if this girl could get a lightning bolt skin accessory, then anyone could. (It’s unclear whether it’s a scar etched into her skin or a tattoo inked on.)

If any readers have noticed people sporting one or both features — the glasses and/or the scar — please share your sightings! I’d hate to think that it was just a trick of the light.

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