‘Modern Family’ to Get a New Baby Lily

I’ve always seen Ella and Jaden Hiller , the twins who play the adorable Lily on Modern Family, as  kind of tiny Asian Kristen Stewarts.They can blink at all the craziness going on around them, but don’t expect them to emote. Go on, look through every shot of Lily, and find a look of anger as she’s dressed as a mini Chita Rivera, or amusement at one of the many self inflicted injuries her dads sustain. Really, these twins have already mastered what  took nearly twenty years for the Olsen twins to perfect- the vacant stare. Any pre-verbal tot can smile as Uncle Jesse gets into one of his wacky binds, but it takes a true actress to gaze up at him with a look of pure ennui.

Now that we’re getting a new actress aged 3-4 to play her, Lily will be like any other sitcom toddler, picking up off-color words and screaming them during funerals, taking older children’s beloved pets and caring for them in ways that prove deadly, giggling at the pain of others. With Modern Family’s solid track record of great writing I’m sure they’ll make it work, but with two dad’s that dress as clowns and scale drain pipes wearing spidey suits, what the Cam-Mitchell household really needed was a straight man, and for the last two seasons, they had two.

[Note: The doodle above of the Hiller twins is a Crushable.com exclusive from our friend Sivan Butler-Rotholz, whose other work can be seen at My Life in Poorly Drawn Comics.]

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    • doubleminus

      Love the sketch! Hilarious.