Meme Alert: “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls”

Some of my favorite Internet memes are ones that add the perfect caption to a splendidly awkward photo, which is exactly what “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls” does. Today Uproxx highlighted this relatively underground meme, which has only about twenty entries on Know Your Meme. You probably recognize the line from Titanic, when Kate Winslet tells Leonardo DiCaprio that she wants him to… well, you get the picture.

For the moment, this meme seems isolated to real life: People who delight in mocking their friends’ photos have uploaded pics of men sprawled out in the most unsexy way, clothed or not. There are also several pics including baby polar bears and kittens. But surprisingly, there aren’t many pop culture offerings. Besides the already-famous 1960s Spider-Man comic (in which Spidey looks coquettish even without the caption), there’s next to nothing.

Except for this amazing Snape .gif.

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