’9 Lives of Chloe King’: 4 Well-Done Aspects, 4 Interesting (But Imperfect) Elements, and One Random Thought

Interesting (But Imperfect): Chloe’s relationship with her mother

Like I said last week, I love Chloe’s relationship with her mother, except for the fact that she still won’t tell her about the whole Mai thing. While everything still seems good between them, I am still confused as to why Chloe doesn’t tell her. Where’s the reasoning in not telling the one person who loves you unconditionally and has your best interests at heart (as opposed to Valentina, Jasmine’s mother, who is more about the Mai than Chloe) that you developed weird superpowers? Unless this show is going the X-Men route paralleling coming out of the closet with having superpowers (please don’t), then they either have to give Chloe a reason or let her tell her mother.

Well Done: Amy

Amy and Paul get their own paragraphs because they are both awesome. While I am not a fan of melodrama, I do understand why Amy is reacting the way she is–Chloe seems to have left her by the wayside for these new friends, and it seems like she’s afraid of losing her best friend. So she starts getting mad at Chloe, but when Chloe affirms their friendship (and shows us all how good Grace Phipps is at crying), her apology does make sense. Now if only both of Chloe’s groups of friends would just hang out together, maybe we’d have a solution! Also, group scenes, which would be fun.

Interesting (But Imperfect): Brian and his father

Okay, look: Brain seems like a sweetheart. But it’s still weird that the only friend a college kid can find is sixteen year old Chloe…and then continues to hang out with her almost exclusively, even after she rebuffs his advances. Not that this isn’t a bad thing, but unlike Jasmine, who, while not defined by her situation, is definitely changed for it, Brian is sweet despite the murder of his mother five years previous and his jerk of a father (who admittedly warms up to him now). While that doesn’t mean he can’t be sweet, it does mean he can have more dimensions. Alek is rude and teasing, but Brian is very open with Chloe and doesn’t seem to have any other function other than to have a father who’s trying to kill his not-girlfriend. Also, he’s terrible at snooping. Meanwhile, Brian’s father is an enigma–in that I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be suspenseful or he is just prissy. What exactly is he using the Order for? Doesn’t the Order only do one thing anyway? Does he think the Mai killed his wife? Does he know who Valentina is? Why is he British?

Well Done: Paul

Thank God for Paul and his superhero fantasies. His presence and enthusiasm for Chloe’s powers keep this show from going too deep into mythos without the right amount of irony. I loved his talk on Asian-American superheroes and him asking to be Chloe’s sidekick. And with Amy’s work as a sidekick (because she has a car), I’m…kind of hoping for an eventual teen sleuths combination with Chloe, Amy, and Paul, as well as Alek and Jasmine. I know it’s because I love ensemble casts (like most of the NBC comedies, most procedurals, and awesome superhero animated series like Justice League and Teen Titans), but I think, like those shows, Chloe King would have a fun dynamic if they did that. Even if that doesn’t happen, I’d love more scenes with all five of these characters together more.

Interesting (But Imperfect): Mysteries of the Mai

According to the way Valentina talks, Mai are a whole different species from humans. It seems to be vampire different (where they can’t have kids…or, according to Twilight, would have creepy fast-developing children) rather than wizard different (where the kids have the potential to have awesome powers too! dammit, I wish one of my parents were wizards). However, I’m starting to distrust Valentina simply because I think Chloe is putting too much trust in her, and Valentina also puts too much pressure and not enough trust on her. Seriously, Chloe, tell your mom. I’m worried about you being so trusting when you’ve already died once.

Well Done: Chloe’s a superhero!

Okay, I really liked this bit. I think this is the part of the show (along with the teen sleuths bit) that has the most potential. While Chloe’s empath skills were kind of weird at first, the fact that she used them to find out the problems behind her shop supervisor, Lana, was very…refreshing. It’s like a superhero that helps people help themselves, like she already did in the second episode. If Chloe continues to get these empathetic feelings (which would remind me of Touched By An Angel, if that show run hadn’t been mainly during my elementary school days, where I preferred Magic School Bus), then maybe she can seek out people who need help, and then, with her team of teen sleuths (don’t deny how fun that phrase is), help them save themselves. Okay, maybe it is kind of the cat kiddie version of Touched By An Angel, but if they had the right amount of banter and danger, then maybe it would be good. Also, maybe it would give the Order more purpose above “plot device that wants to kill Chloe” and more in terms of “evil organization that must be stopped.”

Random Thought: Does anyone on this show own a cat?

I mean, why doesn’t Valentina have a whole litter of kitties to relieve her of her Mai angst? I guess it might up the cheese factor (imagine Chloe talking to cats!), but it’s kind of weird, don’t you think?

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