The Potter Games: The Reaping Has Begun

Although we’re still six days away from the full reveal, The Potter Games have been set in motion. The Reaping* began at 5 p.m. EST, with videos for the first two tributes posted to the official YouTube channel. Luna Lovegood and Cedric Diggory have been chosen… for what, I’m not yet at liberty to say. In the meantime, Rita Skeeter is providing a running commentary on the tributes, though it’s mostly informed by her own nasty gossip.

More tributes will be announced on the channel (or via the Twitter page) at 9 p.m. EST, and so forth.

*For non-Hunger Games fans: The Reaping is when a Capitol representative visits each district and pulls out the names of one male and one female tribute to compete against each other and the other districts in the Hunger Games. Those chosen must go unless someone else of the same sex volunteers to replace him/her.

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