The Fan Campaign to Keep Chord Overstreet on ‘Glee’ Is Quick and Fierce

Within about sixty seconds of me posting about the news that Chord Overstreet would not be returning as a regular on Glee, I got bombarded with emails from, a new fan-created website with the goal of keeping Chord and his character around. Their strategies so far include:

  • Purchase the song “Billionaire” (the first one that Chord performed on Glee) on iTunes to get it to #1, which it reached over the weekend (it’s at #10 now)
  • Sign the “Keep Chord Overstreet As A Regular On GleeTwitter petition (“twitition”) – they’re up to 11,174 names so far
  • Use the #troutymouth and #dontcutthechord hashtags in tweets supporting Chord/Sam

Will the campaign work? It’s too soon to tell, but if I were Chord I’d feel mighty flattered right about now.

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    • Jacy

      Thank you for this article! I hope everyone supports Chord(:

    • Andre

      Yes! Thank you! It’s really important that people see what we’re doing! Please, everybody support Chord! :)

    • Milly

      Please support Chord if you haven’t already! He’s a wonderful actor and Sam is such a great role model to the viewers out there. Even if you just retweet something or buy only one copy of “Billionarie”, a little help is better than none at all!

    • Meg

      It’s very important to be respectful with our campaign to keep Chord on the show. We don’t know any of the “whys” yet so verbally attacking the creators, network and other cast members does not help our cause in the slightest.

    • MedOrMad

      Thank you so much for this! We do hope he knows we are fighting and we do hope someone at Glee & Fox will notice what we are doing… :D

    • Biba

      I0m reading about this campain all over the net… That’s great and I really like what you guys are doing… as te article said, I’d be flattered if I were Chord… I hope he realizes how loved he is :)

    • Andy

      Whoop Whoop!

      He’s an awesome character, Chord is a great actor. Here’s (Now 11 302) people who *actively* think that Glee is much better off with him than without him.


    • Mike

      This was always about Chord, but for me it was also about Sam. I know what it’s like to start out as this happy kid who just wants to be loved and to have everyone hurt you, turn on you, betray you, and then the worst possible thing happens and you’re 17 and you find yourself supporting your entire family for whatever reasons, and you have to sacrifice your childhood, your life, your ability to be happy, sometimes even your very soul and there isn’t a single person who understands and looks at you like you’re the idiot. Sam Evans was the first fictional representation of myself that I have ever seen and it kills me that in a show that within the first 20 minutes of the first episode tells you it is all about joy that this character will never get a happy ending. There are so many people out there in the world who won’t get that happy ending, RIB could have at least given it to Sam.