Am I Right Ladies? Coppertone It Down, Please

Unlimited cheeseburgers. Work-free Monday. A swelling sense of national pride. John Stamos’ phone number. These are things you want to get on 4th of July weekend. But the last thing you want is the outline of your racerback sports bra permanently burnt into your skin. Talkin’ bout sunburn, ladies. There’s a fine line between putting a few shades of tan on your skin and putting a few years of age on your face, amirightladies? Melanoma? I hardly know her!

But let’s be serious. The only laying out I plan on doing this weekend is on my couch- and I STILL plan on wearing sunscreen. Sure it doesn’t have the most pleasant scent, but if you’re anything like me it can’t smell much worse than your sweat. In case you’re wondering where bacon fat exits your body, it’s through the pores under your arms.

So when did we become such slaves to sun? I say look no further than these retro Coppertone ads. Seriously, look at these ladies. Do you see the smiles on their faces? Can you put a price on happiness? Yes you can and apparently it’s approximately the cost of a bottle of Coppertone tanning lotion, amirightladies?

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    • Jeannette

      I know that they’re probably dancing, but why does it look like that man is about to swing at that woman in the back of slide 4?