Video Gallery: Celebs Who Have Botched the Anthem

Roseanne Barr

An oldie but a goodie: The sitcom star took to the mic in 1990, drawing boos after the first few notes. That’s the thing: They didn’t ask her to do it because she’s a good singer, but because she’s a funny lady. And she drew on her funniest aspect: Her whiny voice. BUT SHE GOT ALL THE WORDS RIGHT!

Jennifer Hudson

Most would agree that Hudson’s performance at the 2009 Super Bowl was leagues better than Aguilera’s. You know why? She lip-synced it. Viewers quickly pointed it out on EW’s Popwatch blog that night, with some saying that it was a major disappointment that she sang to a backing track, and others defending her choice since the echoes (the same ones that took down Bolton) would have been deafening. We’re still including her in our “botched” list, since after American Idol she should be able to sing the anthem on her own.

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    • Amanda Ernst

      The image on this post just made me totally crack up. It’s like that scene from 27 Dresses where no one knows the words to Benny and the Jets.