Snap This: Suzanne Collins Gets in on the ‘Hunger Games’ Fun

Update: It turns out we were wrong and this wasn’t Suzanne at all! We apologize for the mistake. Why don’t we pretend this is a Fan Fiction piece, huh?

It looks like Lionsgate is finally allowing set photos from The Hunger Games to be released to the public — or the studio is realizing that with social media and Twitter-ready fans camped out in North Carolina, there’s no use fighting this free publicity. Starcasm has a whole bunch of photos from the set, including Jennifer Lawrence in Katniss’ reaping dress and buildings dressed up to look like District 12.

But our favorite by far is Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins making her official cameo as a citizen of the Capitol. Since the major scene filmed in District 12 for this movie is the reaping, we’re guessing that Collins plays one of the Capitol officials who come in via hovercraft with Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) to select this year’s tributes.

In contrast to the bright colors and heavy make-up that the Capitol’s hoi polloi sport, the workers seem to wear drab (but still futuristic) uniforms. I can’t tell if Collins is performing some sort of official salute here, or simply shielding her eyes from the Carolina sun.

Now it’ll be up to, fellow Tributes, to see if you can spot Collins in the film’s final cut — out March 23, 2012. Here’s hoping she follow Alfred Hitchcock and makes different appearances in Catching Fire and Mockingjay!

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