Snap This: Anna Kournikova Joins ‘The Biggest Loser’

When Jillian Michaels announced she wasn’t returning The Biggest Loser, NBC wanted to find someone who could replace Jillian both in athleticism and in yelling ability. Their pick was Anna Kournikova, who got more attention for her looks on the tennis court than she did for her victories. Anna definitely brings the star power, but how will she do as a trainer? She certainly looks ready to work out.

[Via BuddyTV]


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    • Ann

      As a tennis fan I never cared for her When the biggist loser announced that she was a new trainer, i permantly deleted an future episodes of the Biggest loser. I have been a fan of the Biggest loser since they started. I dont understand what was the purpose of bringing in the other two trainers I think bringing Anna in is an insult to the other new trainers.