Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t: The Eon 8 Project

…Nothing. Or at least, nothing visible, or nothing that we ever heard about. The site informed us that Eon 8 had been deployed and that all projects were activated, but still: What did it all mean? Furthermore, in the aftermath of Eon 8, a series of videos appeared online containing more strings of data read by a mechanized voice of some sort:

The information conveyed in these videos sounded similar to the sort of information conveyed by number stations, the mysterious shortwave radio stations that first appeared shortly after World War II. We still don’t know what the eerie mechanical voice was reporting or who it was reporting it to, and we still don’t know what Eon 8 is or what it has done. It has been five years since its deployment, and all we have are more questions– and the knowledge that it might have done something irreparable to our world without our consent or knowledge.

Or at least, that would be the case if it was real. Let’s take a look at the Zero Hour page for a moment, shall we?

See that link that says “Reveal the truth?” Well, guess what happened when you clicked on it? Yep: Finally, some answers!

Eon 8, you see, was a social experiment conducted by a 23-year-old web designer from Florida named Mike. The purpose of the project, he said, was to determine the reactions of the Internet public to lack of information. He was surprised that so many of the immediate reactions to the site assumed that it was evil in some way, shape, or form, even though there were no outright threats anywhere on it. As he put it, “The only thing Eon 8 says is ‘We don’t want you here.’ Nothing else.” Furthermore, he found the fact so many people attempted to hack or shut down the site merely because they were confronted with a timer somewhat troubling; the implication was that “if someone [didn't] understand something they [needed to] destroy it.” There’s an interesting parallel here to Orson Welle’s 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast; while most of us 21st century folk probably wouldn’t be taken in by the story of an alien attack, the idea of some sort of covert government program or a terrorist attack is something that WILL get to us, proving that we’re still vulnerable to the same psychological ambushes we were back then. We may be older, but we haven’t gotten any wiser. [tagbox tag="Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren't"]

These days, Eon 8 is merely a web forum, but you can still check out images from the site in all its former glory (including Mike the web designer’s full reveal) here. There’s also a nifty little video floating around YouTube that chronicles the whole thing (for the curious, these guys have also done a video on our buddy Slender Man):

Oh, and number stations? Those are real things. Now THAT’S creepy.

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