‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Admits She Got a Boob Job

Although anyone who saw these bikini pictures of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham could tell that she’d had plastic surgery, Farrah herself confirmed in an MTV.com interview that she’d had (her words) “a breast augmentation.” In a preview for the new season of Teen Mom, which begins next Tuesday, Farrah says that she couldn’t deal with her “post-baby body” and decided to get work done. Following in the footsteps of other reality stars like Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice (who got “new bubbies” in season 1) and Mob WivesRenee Graziano (who got a butt lift), Farrah’s surgery will be a storyline featured on the show. How will her crazy mom Debra Danielsen react? Or will she be so busy being crazy she doesn’t notice?

In this video, Farrah comes across as surprisingly down-to-earth. It appears that she has gotten more comfortable being in front of a camera, and she’s also a more eloquent speaker than she used to be. She admits that viewers will probably be surprised to see her surgery storyline and that she is expecting harsh feedback.

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    • adrianna

      who cares if she got a boob job. its just enhancing her body. yeah, she was fine the way she was before but now she looks better, which plastic surgery is suppose to do. they get paid a lot of money from being on the show, plus they have jobs of their own. therefore, she probably put alot of money towards sophia & saved some of it. she just had extra money & wanted to do something for herself. stop being so judgmental and worried about her. geez