What If Adults Read American Girl Magazine?

When I was about ten, there was one thing that could make my day  no matter what: a new issue of American Girl magazine coming in the mail. The only thing better was the summer issue: ice pop recipes, tips for making water balloons, assurance my fight with my BFF is just because people get cranky in the heat. And sure, I’m not ten anymore, but I’m still a magazine junkie, and at the moment with all the promise of summer, I’m just not interested in ten ways to get that bikini body or 40 ways to get him hot. I just want to make friendship bracelets.

So I picked up the June/July issue of AG, ignored the weird looks I got reading it on the subway (ok, I just wished there were weird looks, I still look like I’m in the target demographic for the mag), and decided to make some of the magazine’s features a little more age-appropriate. So go ahead, put down the copy of Cosmo.

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