Tears, Tears, and More Tears from the ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 3 Finale Special


Remember how Kayla was pregnant and had an eating disorder? I sure do, and the entire recap of her episode is basically about that. Oh, and some more scenes of her mom being a giant bitch. Kayla comes out already crying (do they make them chop onions backstage or something?) and says that she moved out of her mom’s place and is living with her dad and that she and Mike broke up. Drew interrogates her about why she and Mike split, and for once I’m on his side – that guy seemed great, and he was so nice and caring with Kayla. Kayla says that they “no longer speak,” and she felt like she was putting on a show for everyone because people expected her and Mike to be a perfect family and get married, but she didn’t feel the same way. She can’t stop crying. “I just realized… I didn’t feel for him what you should feel for somebody,” she manages to get out. I think Kayla is majorly depressed, and I hope she’s in therapy. This is just depressing.

Kayla’s mom Deb comes out and joins Kayla on the couch. Kayla says that her mom ditched her to be with her boyfriend and Deb makes some half-hearted excuse about how Kayla was “independent” and able to take care of herself on her own. Kayla says that when her mom disappeared, she and Mike were stuck paying for groceries and utilities themselves, and Kayla mentions the story about how the heat wasn’t working one night and she and Mike were stuck paying for a hotel room. When Drew asks where the money for those things came from, Kayla says they came from her savings. In her defense, Deb says she could have done better and that she’s sorry, but she obviously doesn’t care at all. Her affect is totally flat. Kayla cries some more. I want Markai Durham to mentor all of these girls and take them out for ice cream sandwiches.

Deb leaves and Mike comes out. Kayla says that Mike is a great dad for Preston and takes good care of him. Mike says that “fatherhood suits him” and he really loves Preston. Mike’s version of the breakup is that he got a new job that had him working long hours, and he wasn’t around as much as he wanted to be. Kayla says that Mike would go to bed and not say goodnight, which really bothered her. Kayla says she doesn’t love Mike anymore, and Mike wants to know what happened to the “happy girl he fell in love with.” Seriously, honey, therapy. It’s okay. It’s good for you. Drew thinks that Kayla needs to get her eating disorder appropriately addressed and that dealing with those issues will help her deal with all the other issues in her life, and she agrees to talk to a counselor. Mike adorably tells Drew to make Kayla pinky-swear, because “she’s never broken a pinky promise.” Gahhh, Mike is the cutest.


Kianna was another one of the girls from this season whom I actually thought had potential, but first we have to revisit all the dumb shit from her episode. She, her mom, and her boyfriend Zak are on the couch. Kianna reminds us that Zak didn’t want to give the baby up for adoption and that no one in her family was supportive of the idea. Kianna’s mom, Rachel, says that she put her daughter on birth control as soon as she was a teenager. Zak says that he’s committed to Kianna and to raising their son Kay’den, and Kianna shows off a ring she is wearing. They don’t specify if it’s an engagement ring or a promise ring of some sort, but the point is that he gave it to her. Kianna – try to act surprised! – cries and says the ring shows how much Zak cares about her. Drew asks Zak about his deadbeat dad and asks how Zak intends to be different. His answer is “Ring.” Not even a “the.” Zak says he’s “starting to” trust Kianna, and that he never trusted anyone before because of his father. Rachel says that they are young and have a long way to go. Zak’s plans are “to go to school and get a job” and Kianna says the same about herself, but they don’t specify what they want to major in or what they want to do.


Izabella and her boyfriend Jairo are sitting on the couch, and Izabella is very stiff. We get a recap of her episode, which is mostly about Izabella hiding her pregnancy from her friends and family. We know from the “missing scenes” episode that Izabella and Jairo are engaged now, but the real news is that Jairo did some weird puffy shit with his hair and is wearing a bright purple shirt. He’s still super shy, though. Izabella says that she got pregnant because their condom broke, even though they took the morning after pill. She says that she owes her parents a lot because they help her take care of baby Enrique and make it possible for her to stay in school and complete her education.

Her parents, Erik and Vi, come out. Vi says that Jairo has really stepped up and they’ve regained trust in him following the “lying about school” thing. Jairo says that he and Izabella got engaged and asks to see the ring. Drew tells Erik and Vi that they’re good parents and raised a good kid. Congratulations, Izabella! You are so far the only girl to make it through this special without crying.


Although we just saw Allie’s episode last week, we get to live through her whole depressing episode all over again. Drew asks Allie how things went with Joey, and she says that he wasn’t pitching in to help parent. Drew then asks about Joey’s mom Yolanda, and Allie politely says that Yolanda didn’t like her. Drew calls it what it is, which is abuse, and asks Allie why she didn’t leave. Allie says she stayed with Joey because she wanted it to work out and for them to be good parents to Aydenn, but ultimately Joey didn’t step up. Allie says she’s graduating from high school in two months and plans to go to a four year college in either New Jersey (where her mom lives) or Texas (where her dad lives). Drew asks Allie if it’s hard because she’s “completely alone,” and that seems to be the exact button he needs to push in order for Allie to cry, because she does. Allie says that her mom helps her financially and sends money since Allie doesn’t have a job.

Joey and his grandmother Belen come out. Joey says that Allie left abruptly and that he hasn’t seen Aydenn since then but he only wants to see his son when Allie isn’t around. He admits that he could have tried harder to help, but he sounds noncommital. Belen says that she was attached to Allie and Aydenn too, and Drew praises her for helping the kids out when Yolanda and Allie’s parents couldn’t step up. Allie tells Belen she’s so thankful for all the help, and she cries again. Belen says that she defended Allie over her own freaking daughter Yolanda, and Allie cries some more about how Belen was the only adult who was there for her and gave her a home. Drew suggests that Belen be the person who serves as the mediator between Allie and Joey’s family and can supervise Joey’s visitation, which I think is a really good idea, but Allie’s reluctant. She claims to be worried that one of Joey’s relatives will steal the baby, but Belen says she’s done caring for kids and will make sure that doesn’t happen. Allie agrees to bring out Aydenn, and Belen is thrilled but Joey says he might cry. Allie’s mom Lauren brings him out. Lauren was a nonentity in the episode so I’m glad she’s here. Drew asks Lauren about ditching her kid, and now Lauren’s crying. He asks Lauren why she didn’t try to drag Allie back to New Jersey as soon as she got knocked up, and Allie insists it was her decision to remain in Texas and try to make it work with Joey. They end on a note of “we’re going to try and make the visitation thing work,” and I really hope they do. Also, where the hell is Yolanda? If the answer is anything besides “rehab,” then she sucks.

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    • tc

      I couldn’t stand Dr. Drew when he basically blamed Cleondra for all her problems. Did he not see how Mario acted?! How was that her fault? He should’ve hounded Mario about his behavior instead of validating his behavior.

    • Anna

      Yeah I felt like Dr. Drew was being a major D-bag the ENTIRE time… ugh