Snap This: Princess Catherine and Princess Diana Together Thanks to Photoshop

This Newsweek cover that Lainey Gossip spotted has me as uncomfortable as a Harry/Draco photo manipulation you’d see on a Harry Potter fansite: It’s Princess Diana Photoshopped into a picture with Kate Middleton, down to their matching snazzy dresses and hats. It’s definitely fascinating to glimpse what could have been, but it looks like the photo editors actually aged Diana to be 50, the age she would be in 2011. That’s where it gets creepy.

I’m all for technology literally bringing people together, but when it’s a dead person whose pixels you’re playing around with, it seems very disrespectful. Maybe a New Yorker cartoon would have been a more appropriate way to go down the alternate-future lane without altering the public’s memory of Diana.

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    • Christian

      My favorite part is the security guy in the middle who’s making sure Zombie Diana doesn’t go after Kate’s brain. But seriously, Tina Brown, an article’s fine — creepy artificially-aged photo of Di with manhole cover on her head, not so good…

      • Natalie Zutter

        You’re so right! It -is- a manhole cover. Yeah, I’m trying to figure out if Diana were inserted into a photo of Kate, or if Kate were inserted into a photo of Diana–basically, if these security guards are from 2011 or 1997.

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