Kenan Thompson Is the Only ’90s Alum Nickelodeon Can Call On for Ads

Nickelodeon stars from All That and Clarissa Explains It All managed to keep a career going after they flew the nest, but Kenan Thompson seems to be the only one who’s kept in touch with the parent company. He recently guest-starred as himself on Victorious, and now he’s sitting on a big orange couch to promote the upcoming reruns of those ’90s shows. The commercial has him trying to record a Nickelodeon commercial — look, Nick’s gone meta! — only for the crew to keep interrupting him with questions about the behind-the-scenes life on the shows.

When I first saw the screenshot of the video, I thought that they had reunited the All That cast; after all, it’s not like Amanda Bynes is up to much. Instead, it’s just Kenan, which is still exciting but doesn’t bring back the same nostalgia of seeing the cast reunited. Or what about Melissa Joan Hart? Sure, she’s got her sitcom with Joey Lawrence, but she could pop in for a cameo.

It’s not fair to make Kenan shoulder the load on this one. Though I realize that Nick Cannon has also become the celebrity face of the network in some way by taking on the role of Chairman of TeenNick, I would count him in the generation that came after Kenan, Melissa, and Amanda.

Nickelodeon is unrolling its ’90s lineup on TeenNick in July — we can’t wait!

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    • Troy Hastings

      I just wanted to say thanks for bringing back the 90s it is amazing i have insomnia and im unable to sleep at night which causes me to become extreamly bored, but thanks to the 90s are all that, that boredom has been cured, you will have my support weekdays midnight til 4. Great stuff i hope it stays.