Twitter Roundup: Celebrities Respond to New York Marriage Equality Ruling

Last night, New York politicians voted to make gay marriage legal, becoming the sixth US state to do so. But what do the famous people think?

The 30 Rock star, who recently expressed interest in running for Mayor of New York City, praised Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon for all the hard work she and her partner, Christine Marinoni have done for LGBT rights.

Steve Martin, on the other hand, just wanted to put a ring on Alec Baldwin. Get in line, dude.

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    • Xsparky017

      I respect the existence of gay nowadays (feeling terrible that some of them are really handsome. :D) but as a Christian, I think that our almighty God who have created us for all we believe have told us to “Go forth and multiply”. How would a pair of married gays appropriately follow such command if they are both male in nature? Nevertheless, I hope that this newly approved law in New York won’t increase the spreading AIDS and HIV and that every couple are really in love with each other with respect and GOD’s grace.