The Daily WTF: Kim Kardashian Got a Butt X-Ray

Kim Kardashian got an x-ray of her butt because apparently people were wondering what the heck is up with her butt, or something. It’s nice butt, you guys, so go ahead and look at it in its least sexy form. Terrific, now carry on with your day.

(via BuzzFeed)

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    • mary jane

      nice try but the rest of the world is smarter than you think. butt if i were you i’d stick to my story too! (imagine how much the implants will go for on ebay when your dead :)

      • bRenDaBaNg

        Who cares if its fake, when it comes to Kim what isn’t? It does seem to be getting bigger though…oh no! its almost as big as her head! Somebody HELP her!