Conspiracy Theory: Caroline Manzo Hates Teresa Giudice Now

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has been all about Teresa Giudice, for better or for worse – the additions of new cast members Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile, both of whom hate Teresa, has re-energized the show and turned Teresa from “that lady who flipped the table” to being almost sympathetic. The first two seasons of the show focused much more on the Manzo families and Danielle Staub‘s insanity, but when Danielle and Dina Manzo left the show, Real Housewives of New Jersey had to regroup and place the focus on Teresa and her family.

Although matriarch Caroline Manzo (Dina’s sister) has wisely stayed neutral on the show, in previous seasons she said that she considered Teresa practically family and that they had known each other for years. Teresa and Caroline didn’t have many scenes together, though, and it was clear that Teresa and Dina were much closer friends – Teresa even asked Dina to be her youngest daughter’s godmother. Without Dina on the show, Teresa and Caroline don’t seem to have as much in common anymore. On last week’s Watch What Happens Live postshow with Andy Cohen, Caroline was a guest and said that she “sees Melissa’s point of view” regarding the Melissa/Teresa feud. While that seemed like a relatively innocuous comment, it’s the first time that Caroline has expressed any opinions on the sisters-in-law fight. On camera, Caroline has isolated herself more from the other cast members and mostly appeared in scenes with her family, which in part is because of her sons’ Albie and Chris Manzo‘s spinoff, Boys to Manzo. It could be that Caroline is simply fed up with all the backbiting and drama-stirring that is the hallmark of every Real Housewives show, or it could hint at something deeper. A blind item that came out before the season launched strongly indicated that two reality show cast members were becoming distant from each other due to one’s financial worries, and I suspected that the item was about Teresa’s bankruptcy woes. This could all just be a lot of smoke, but I’m going to see how the rest of the season shakes out.

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    • novelist

      If the RHONJ continue on this path, I won’t be watching future seasons. It’s quite frankly become boring. I’m not interested in all the family dynamic stuff because aside from that, there isn’t much else going on. I think it’s cool that Caroline got a gig on the radio..she’s a brilliant woman and stands to help a lot of people so long as the format of the radio show doesn’t turn trashy. As far as the Manzo boys getting a spin-off…REALLY? I mean it seems like now days ANYONE can get a reality show. I was bored with the Albie storyline last year regarding his not being able to go to law school…I mean, I felt for him because that was his dream, but that wasn’t a story thread worth all the airtime it got.
      Just my opinion.