Catching Up with the ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 2.5 Cast


In yet another season 2.5 wedding, Aubrey and Brandon got hitched. And, as we already know, they got divorced. Also, most of the people from this season had boys – Aubrey’s son is named Austin. Aubrey has brown hair now, and it looks really nice on her. After getting kicked out of her grandma’s house, they moved to Washington state and eventually separated. Aubrey tearfully says they shouldn’t have gotten married and she knew the whole time it was a bad idea. How much does she regret their young marriage? So much that she’s “partying” and hooking up with girls. We see her move out of the place she shares with Brandon, and she snipes to the camera that she can’t throw herself a pity party because she doesn’t have time. Aubrey calls her son “a heartbreaker” and “the perfect child.” Then she says she also enjoys going out and being wild on the nights Austin is with his dad. Cut to Aubrey and her burgeoning case of methface telling her friends she has considered becoming a stripper, and then dancing on a pool table in her bra while making out with a chick. Well, someone clearly knows what it takes to get cast on the next season of Teen Mom.

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    • hi

      Your bf sounds like an asshole.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      Methface, haha! I felt SO embarrassed for Aubrey when I watched that!

    • hannah loryah

      i hope you guys receive Jesus as you personal savior.God bl;ess