Am I Right Ladies? So Many Housewives, Not Enough Husbands

It’s bad enough that I’m still single, I don’t need to be reminded that even awful womyn manage to snag husbands, amirightladies? I mean come on, enough already. We need a moratorium on “wife” shows like I need a moratorium on products with high fructose corn syrup – I’m 98% positive both will give us diabetes. The other 2% of me is eating a strawberry fruit roll-up. Never forget, amirightladies?

But seriously, girlfriends, it’s not so much the being single part that bums me out about these shows, it’s the total lack of sisterhood. It’s like dye jobs and tanning make these ladies allergic to estrogen. Meanwhile dye jobs and tanning make me allergic to being seen in public. But before I get back to alternating between Golden Girls and Designing Women for hours, I think a quick look at the promotional photos for these shows will say just enough. Oh the womanity, amiright?

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