‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Lots of Goodbyes, Except for Samara

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, called “The Goodbye Look,” was heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, and had all the makings of the hit drama I know and love. There were major developments for Aria and Ezra that I will talk about later. I know she is supposed to get another love interest, so I fear that this might be the end for a bit, but there was a rather amazing make-out session that would say otherwise. Who knows? This episode also focused a lot on a new guy back in town, Jason DiLaurentis. Ali’s brother did appear last season, but he has been re-cast. The character is back and creepier than ever. The episode also gives a lot of clues into Ali’s life and disappearance and who A might be.

The beginning of the episode picks up with the girls are trying to figure out the Ian texting mystery. They see Jason throwing away pictures and other stuff from a past tribute to Ali. He’s back in living in the DiLaurentis house. Oh boy, this is going to make for some good drama. Later, Emily notices her whole hard drive has been erased — which means the Ian videos are gone. Ugh. At school, Ezra’s last day as her teacher is coming up, and Aria is clearly on edge about this. She wants to know what to expect when he leaves. He wants her to come by his apartment and she puts him off a bit. I love them so much. For serious. Anyway, Hanna wants the girls to all sit together at lunch but they don’t to keep up the charade. Aww, let them be friends again! They all get a creepy text from A about being alone in a crowd. Is this a clue that A is in school with them?

Then, Toby shows up at school. He got a job with a construction company. The sooner he gets money, the sooner he can get out of the house and maybe Rosewood. But there is a cute moment with Spencer and Toby where he tells him she’d be the reason he would stay. Love.

And another character returns to Rosewood: Samara. Remember the girl who Emily kind of hit it off with before? I enjoyed her and I’m glad she’s back. In any case, she asks Emily to a movie. Also, a college recruiter from Danby (coincidentally, the college I went to was on Danby Road) has been watching Emily and wants to talk to her about being on their swim team.

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