How to Keep the ‘Glee’ Kids on TV After they Graduate from McKinley High

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said that Rachel, Finn and the rest of the gang will be graduating at the end of season three because “you can’t stay in high school forever.” Ha! It’s like he’s never watched TV. Maybe Mr. Murphy can learn a thing or two from the writers of these high school dramas. Because they sat down in a meeting, looked at each other and thought, what would Boy Meets World be without Shaun and Corey?, Buffy without Xander and Willow?. The answer: hollow, empty, shells of TV shows. And if Glee were to become a hollow shell, there’d be a damn echo to deal with as well.

And if he wants some more suggestions on how to keep the Gleeks together, he can check out College Candy’s forever young cast list.

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